Bentonite is a major visco-gelling agent and fluid loss reducing agent of water based mud for drilling of oil and gas, exploration and other wells and crossings. High rheological properties of bentonite-based slurry sourced by bentonite from «the 10th Khutor» deposit provide effective removal of drill cuttings.

«Bentonite of Khakassia» Ltd. manufactures in accordance with TU 2164-005-01414676-2014 Bentonite powders for production of drilling muds of the following grades: PBMA, PBMB, PBMV, PBMG, which are characterized by a low content of sand fraction and have low fluid loss (less than 16 sm3).

Key quality indicators:

Slurry yield of viscosity of 20 mPa*s, m3/t, not less than 20,0 16,0 12,0 8,0
Moisture content, %, not more than 12,0 12,0 12,0 12,0
Wet sieve residue, % with grid #071, not more than 10,0 10,0 10,0 10,0

Our major customers in drilling industry are «RN-Yuganskneftegas» Ltd., «UNG-Neftechimservice» Ltd., «Norilsk nickel» OJSC GMK, «Surgutneftegas» OJSC, «Irkutsk Oil Company» CJSC, «Rusburmash» CJSC, «ALROSA» OJSC AC, «SSC» CJSC and many other companies in Russia.