«The 10th Khutor» bentonite deposit is located in Ust-Abakan region of the Republic of Khakassia in the area of Chernogorsk. According to the results of detailed exploration of «the 10th Khutor» eight layers of bentonite have been discovered.

This deposit is one of the most high-quality in Russia. Due to the high quality of montmorillonite (the main rock-forming mineral), bentonite deposit «the 10th Khutor» has a wide range of applications in various branches of industry and agriculture. High thermal resistance of this bentonite should be particularly noted, which provides a substantial increase of efficiency of its use in many areas of application, especially in the moldable mixtures for the production of castings.

Bentonite of the deposit «the 10th Khutor» is an environmentally friendly product. Monitoring of environmental conditions, measures to eliminate anthropogenic effects of mining, reclamation works to restore damaged land and landscape are performed in the deposit.

The average chemical composition of bentonite in %:

SiO2 Al2O3 Fe2O3 CaO MgO K2O Na2O FeO TiO2 SO3 P2O5 MnO  ппп
63,68 15,63 2,93 2,76 2,43 1,62 0,98 0,67 0,59 0,16 0,12 0,05 8,38

Mineral composition: montmorillonite, kaolinite, hydromica, quartz, alkali feldspar, mica, calcite.