Bentonite is used as a binder of molding compounds in the manufacture of molds for mechanized and automated lines for the production of castings of ferrous and non-ferrous alloys.

Bentonite from «the 10th Khutor» deposit is a high-tensile and has a high thermal resistance indicator, which is its undeniable advantage in comparison with bentonite from other deposits for the production of steel castings.

«Bentonite of Khakassia» Ltd. manufactures Bentonite powders for foundry sands of the following grades:  P1Т1А, P1Т2А,  P2Т1А in accordance with GOST 28177-89.

Indicators P1Т1А P2Т1А
GOST 28177-89 Actual GOST 28177-89 Actual
Wet compressive strength (kGs/sm2) Not less than 0,9 0,96 – 1,15 Not less than 0,9 0,96 – 1,15
Tensile strength in the zone of moisture condensation (kGs/sm2) Not less than 0,028 0,028 – 0,038 Not less than 0,020 0,022 – 0,027
Thermal resistance (times) Not less than 0,6 0,72 – 0,95 Not less than 0,6 0,72 – 0,91
Residue on the sieve #04 К, not more than % 3,0 1,5 3,0 1,5
Residue on the sieve #016 К, not more than % Not more 10,0 2,0 – 8,0 Not more 10,0 2,0 – 8,0
Moisture % 6 – 10 7 – 9 6 – 10 7 – 9
Colloidality, not less than % 10,0 83 – 98 10,0 80 – 98
Water adsorption, not less than (times) 1,5 7,4 – 8,2 1,5 7,2 – 7,6

Specialists of our Company developed and introduced into batch production a new complex molding material with nonstick additives for the production of iron castings in sand-clay forms: bentonite powder «Bentakarb».

Bentonite powder is a powder mixture of bentonite of P1T1A grade and special carbon-containing components with different ratio of mineral and organic elements.

«Bentonite of Khakassia» Ltd. manufactures several brands of bentonite powder in accordance with the requirements of TU 2164-003-01424676-2014: Bentakarb-А (the ratio of bentonite and carbon-containing components is 80/20), Bentakarb-B (70/30), Bentakarb-V (60/40).

Materials of the grade Bentakarb-АСBentakarb-BС and Bentakarb-VС are distinguished by higher nonstick performance.

«Bentakarb» compositions have a number of distinctive operational and technological properties:

  • exclusion of pre-mixing operations of additives directly in the foundry production;
  • reduction of bunker and dosage systems in the preparation of the mixtures;
  • high binding and non-stick properties;
  • optimization and stabilization of the properties of heap molding sand of the mixture during the process of refreshment by components, regardless of the time of the analysis of its composition;
  • reduction of the total consumption of molding materials (bentonite and nonstick carbon additive);
  • provision of qualitative distribution of components in the moldable mixture;
  • improvement of breaking of castings from the molds;
  • exception of spontaneous combustion of carbon-containing nonstick additives, their oxidation and as consequence the loss of efficiency during transportation, warehousing and in supply silos;
  • optimization of logistics issues.

The application technology of the new binder does not require the modernization of technological equipment. The additive may be put into the moldable mixture both in dry form or aqueous suspension.

Key technical performance of complex binder «Bentakarb»: 

1. Granular composition:
Residue on the sieve #04, not more than  % 3,0
Residue on the sieve #016, not more than % 12,0
2. Moisture content (W),  % From 6,0 to 10,0
3. Physical and mechanical properties
Wet compressive strength,  not less than (kGs/sm2) 0,9
Tensile strength in the zone of moisture condensation,  not less than (kGs/sm2) 0,028
Colloidality, not less than % 10,0
Water adsorption,  not less than (times) 1,5
4. The chemical composition of the organic element:
Total sulphur weight content (Std), not more than % 0,5
Volatile Content (Vtdaf) % 35,0 – 45,0
Shining carbon yield, %, (Bentakarb-А, Bentakarb-B, Bentakarb-V) From 7 to 9
Shining carbon yield, %,  (Bentakarb-АС, Bentakarb-BС, Bentakarb-VС) >11,0

Our main customers in the foundry industry are «AvtoVAZ» OJSC, «Automotive Components GAZ Group» Ltd., « Ural Automobile Plant» OJSC, «Autodiesel YaMZ» OJSC, «Altaivagon» OJSC, «Mtsensk Foundry» OJSC, «UAZ Foundry» Ltd., «Alnas» OJSC and many other companies in Russia.