«Bentonite of Khakassia» Ltd. produces Bentonite powder and Crushed bentonite clay. Due to the adsorption ability bentonite is an ideal natural material for wastewater and drinking water treatment. Per the combination of high absorbent and water absorption abilities (properties) this material is consistently recognized as the best element in sealing products for the disposal of domestic, industrial and nuclear waste.

The most revolutionary technical and economic solution for waterproofing purposes is the use of bentonite in the «sandwich» materials – GEOSYNTHETIC CLAY LINERS. GCL is a layer of granular bentonite disposed between two layers of synthetic fabric.  GCLs are widely used throughout the world; they are used in the construction during adverse weather conditions and at any time of the year, for example, for such objects as:

  • solid domestic waste landfills,
  • mud pits,
  • evaporation ponds,
  • construction of roads,
  • exits from tunnels,
  • artificial reservoirs and other.

Sale of products for environmental purposes is performed by our partner «BentIzol» Ltd. Company. More information can be found on the Company’s website: www.bentizol.ru