You can purchase bentonite clay or bentonite powder by contacting us via phones: +7 (39031) 6-41-60, 6-38-15, 6-41-11
or via e-mail:


Bentonite powder is packed in soft non-returnable containers (big-bags) with polyethylene liner, weighing 950 kg.; upon agreement with the customer the package can be made in polypropylene bags with liner weighing 50 kg. and 25 kg. Packaging complies with international and national regulations for the transportation of goods (Certificate № МТ 8-04 of the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation).


Bentonite powder is shipped by:

  • railway gondolas from station Chernogorskie Kopi, Krasnoyarsk rail road (station code 887904),  load capacity is 68,4 tn (72 big-bags by 950 kg);
  • railway containers (24 tn), load capacity of container is 11,4 tn (12 big-bags by 950 kg);
  • automobile transportation,  maximum load capacity is 19,95 tn (21 big-bags by 950 kg). Shipment by automobile transportation is possible as well as by self-pickup and by forwarding company with delivery throughout Russia and close abroad.

Activated bentonite clay is shipped in bulk in railway gondolas with capacity up to 69 tn.

For the convenience of customers we have a warehouse in Moscow region, which is located at: Moscow region, Noginsk district,Vorovskogo settlement, Vorovskogo str., h. 12.