«Bentonite of Khakassia» Ltd. sells Bentonite powder, as well as Crushed bentonite clay for construction.

Excellent waterproofing and swelling ability of bentonite allows filling in gaps and cracks, which makes it essential in construction.

Bentonite is used for different purposes in the construction:

  • creation of waterproofing screens;
  • waterproofing in the construction of foundations;
  • the use of technology «slurry wall»;
  • setting of casing;
  • tunneling.

While construction of structures at restrained urban conditions the method of «slurry wall» is used. To accomplish this in the ground the trench is made of the required depth and shape, which is partially filled with mud. Next the concreting of working with simultaneous displacement of bentonite slurry is performed. Such a structure can serve as bearing foundation, wall for the underground construction, as well as curtain grouting, preventing access of groundwater in embedded operated facilities.

During the construction of tunnels in difficult geological engineering conditions (quicksand unstable soils, significant groundwater pressure etc.) the slurry shield is used. In such technology the bentonite slurry under the pressure is built up in the bottom-hole area, which allows to maintain the borehole bottom in a stable condition and to carry out drill cuttings.

The unique plasticizing and swelling properties of bentonite are used in preparation of injections and grouts needed to patch the cracks and to fill in the voids. Due to this bentonite is an important material for the construction of hydropower plants, dams and sea walls, canals, ponds, basements of residential and industrial buildings.