Bentonite clay had found an application as a natural clumping material used in production of cat litters. Due to the high adsorption and water retention properties of the material, bentonite is effectively used to maintain cleanliness in the house and can effectively solve the problems associated with the clean habits of animals.

Natural organic bentonite clay has the following advantages thanks to which the material is widely used in the industry:

  • Cleanness — litter is almost not spread by animals through the premises, absorbs unpleasant smell (it is only necessary to get rid of clumps on a daily basis);
  • Effectiveness – the product is efficient in use, because it absorbs a lot of moisture and forms a tight clump, which can be easily removed from the tray;
  • Safety — bentonite clay is heat treated, so the material is completely safe for humans and animals, both in physical contact and ingestion.


Manufacture and sale of clumping cat litter is performed by our partner «Leading» Ltd. Company, which is one of the leaders of Russian pet business. More information about cat litters can be found on the Company’s website