One of the main applications of bentonite in agriculture is to use it as feed additives. Feed additives containing bentonite for farm animals, developed by our companies, compensate the deficit of minerals in the organism, activates metabolic processes, normalizes the processes of digestion, are an effective means for the prevention of toxicity and gastrointestinal diseases. Also feed additives based on bentonite increase the organism’s resistance to various diseases, stress conditions and improve the overall viability of animals and birds.

All this is caused by the unique properties of bentonite, which contain macro and microelements (such as calcium, sulfur, magnesium, iron, copper, zinc, manganese, etc.) in an easily accessible available form. Bentonite has a high adsorption, ion exchange, catalytic activity, binding colloidal, dispersion and water-absorbing properties.

In addition bentonite has found wide application in other branches of agriculture as ameliorants for soil, crop protection and adsorbents.

Another one application of bentonite clay is bentonite is winemaking.

Wort of wine material self-clarifies badly, and therefore requires additional processing of filtration and clarification. For these purposes our bentonite powder produced with the following characteristics is effectively used:

INDICATORS Normal range Actual
Visual form Порошок с серовато – желтым или другим оттенком
Organoleptic test Без вкуса и запаха
Moisture %, 5–10 7-9
Protein adsorption, %, not less than 25 26-30
Substances soluble in 10% acetic acid, g/100 g, not more than 5 5
Calcium content (in acetic extract), mg/100 g, not more than 60 6,0
Iron content (in acetic extract), mg/100 g, not more than 80 5,0
Arsenic content (in acetic extract) mg/100 g, not more than Is prohibited 0

Due to its adsorption properties bentonite captures protein thereby making wine more transparent and, accordingly, qualitative. Processing of wort by bentonite is particularly helpful in the preparation of white table and semi-sweet wines.

The use of bentonite in winemaking significantly reduces foaming during fermentation, as bentonite binds proteins, which assist the formation of rigid foam. To find the optimal amount of bentonite it is necessary to conduct preliminary testing of each batch of wine (trial fining and test for heating and cooling).

Particular importance of wort’s processing with bentonite is acquired at a strong rotting of grapes, when the wort has a lot of oxidase, causing browning and brown casse in white wines. Bentonite increases the biological stability of the wine due to adsorption of microorganisms (yeasts, bacteria).

Bentonite is also added into the tirage mixture to improve remuage conditions in the production of champagne.

In recent years the bentonite has been actively used for lightening of home brew in the preparation of samogon.

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